Our Cafe's 10th Birthday Party

The German Stammtisch Ladies

"I have tried nearly everything on your menu, and have yet to taste something that wasn't amazing. Wonderful recipes, outstanding breads, and fabulous desserts! My favorite place in town!"               Mandy Gann, customer

 I visit Silke's at least 3 to 8 times per month and honestly that is not enough! The smells and tastes are just as if I was at my Mom's. I bought Silke's bread before she had her store. The customer service & all of the food is out of this world. I have tried everything on the menu! Such a cozy relaxing atmosphere, it's a treat and without doubt my favorite place to dine. Thank you Silke and staff.."

                  Tanja Swain, customer

"It's like coming home! The food is delicious and everyone there, and I mean everyone, goes out of their way to make every visit to Silke's a great experience. Love the Bienenstich and my husband takes home a piece of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte so that he can extend the good time until breakfast the next day. Looking forward to our next trip to Clarksville."

        Pat Burkhead, customer

"I live for the vegan delight. It is delicious and super yummy."            

Rebecca Brockman Perantoni, customer

"My hubby and I love going to Silke's. Its always a warm inviting atmosphere with a fantastic staff. The only problem we have is we never want to leave or can decide what to eat! But we NEVER leave hungry!"            

       Tiffany Tishko  Pinckney, customer

"It's all in the name.... Old World Breads! The food is amazing brings me back to the time I spent in Germany and the Deli is awesome I love getting my Nurnberger brats from here yummy yummy yummy! I'm glad I live just far enough away to not make this an everyday trip otherwise I might have to pay a rental fee because I would be there to much. I also love the atmosphere of the Café and the little kindergarten area for young children."

             Jennifer Sutton Lacambra, customer

"The food is amazing, of course, but Silke's is also a crucial part of the art community in Clarksville. The deli features an always-changing exhibition of artworks by a terrific variety of local artists - it's a great place to see what Clarksville artists have to offer."

         Billy Renkl, customer and Artist

"Eating the lean Greek salad for breakfast and it is delicious! Can't wait to try the Mediterranean grilled cheese when I go back."

                  Karla Murphy, customer

"I love this place so much. It feels so homey because of the super friendly staff and lovely atmosphere! Of course the food is very delicious too!"            

                  Martina Traylor, customer

"I went for the first time today. I have to say the best vegetarian burger I have ever had. Will definitely go back."

      Jennifer Payne McFarland, customer

"IMy husband and I try to come here as often as possible. It's a treat when we do. My favorite is the Garden herb turkey sandwich. Yummy! My husband enjoys the Reuben Sandwich. You will not be disappointed."

           Vicki Kaltenthaler, customer

"The food was titillating to the tastebuds. Every bite was an explosion of satisfaction. From the Greek pizza to the decadent truffles. There is a most relaxing atmosphere with soothing music and amazing art from local artists. Service was truly amazing. Friendly and polite. A must do for anyone looking for the best experience with unbeatable menu."

        Chris Timberlake, customer

"An amazing German deli and cafe in Clarksville that I would go back to time and time again. We arrived there originally to pick up some meats we usually cannot buy outside of the Internet, but arrived late. Instead, we decided to go inside the cafe and have lunch: Best decision of the day.

The atmosphere was quaint and designed for a nice, relaxing family experience. The furniture, the layout, the kids play area, nothing was spared from giving you a great experience. The music, all classical was a breathe of fresh air compared to many other eateries. After reviewing the menu for a while (there's a lot to choose from, yay!), we ordered.

The German meat plate I ordered was spectacular, with lunch meats cornerstone to the culture (the gelbwurst was heavenly) accompanied by freshly baked bread. I have never spent a better $10 on food than I did here. I was full, the portion was perfect, as was the balance of food on the plate. I finished off lunch with an eiskaffe, and to put it simply, I was unreachable for the 10 minutes I spent drinking this. Bravo.

If you're looking for a locally owned German experience, or just looking for an amazing meat and cheese selection with delectable desserts, a great staff, and an all-around good time, come here immediately. Get up now and go."

                  Cody Robinson, customer

"So delicious and they gave a play area for the kids!"            

     Erica Shaunta Thompson, customer

"Absolutely fabulous place to feed your sweet tooth and soul"            

                Christy McGuire Atkins, customer

"Kaffeklatsch at Silke's today (every Saturday) when possible EXCELLENT Kaffee and Cake! Our little slice of Home and Heaven. I love the Deli and the the Service...Annemarie's smile is an added bonus!!"        Martina Keller Howard, customer

"Silks's is one of my favorite places. It's the next best thing to dining in Germany. I live the schnitzel sandwich and potato salad. . . . And everything else!"

        E.c. Hurley, customer



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Open: Monday-Friday 8:30am-6pm

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