Where the tradition of HAND-SHAPED,


is still alive.

Treat yourself to the smell, taste and feel

of Europe right here in Clarksville, Tennessee.



We believe in making real food by hand, honoring Artisan traditions, truly nourishing you with beautifully displayed foods with the freshest ingredients, and the power of the human interaction in creating your dining experience which infuses our food with positive loving energy.

"This place is amazing. Fresh, friendly and delicious. I could eat here everyday and probably never tire from it."


~Katey Kirkpatrick

"I just drove 3 hours and 10 minutes from Memphis just to bring my daughter and niece here for the best experience in food and atmosphere! We will be making this a tradition!"


~Roxie Ann Willis

"Silke's is like going home to Germany for lunch, I couldn't think of a better place to go."


~Maria Morrow

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We are open for Dine-in again,

takeout at our Cafe' and delivery service via Grubhub.




Artisan Breads, Rolls, Pastries, Cookies, Coffee Cakes, & Decadent Tortes


Handmade in-house, daily, by locals!

Made from scratch, we NEVER use frozen dough, no preservatives or additives


As a natural preservative and for easier digestibility, we use pre-ferment (Sourdough starter or Poolish) and slow fermentation processes in all our breads. In our Sourdough Breads, the natural Sourdough starter that makes our Sourdough Breads rise everyday is refreshed several times a day.


In all our Yeasted Breads & Rolls, we use a natural ‘sponge’ called a traditional French Poolish.


We soak the grains in our Breads for easier digestibility. The whole grains, rye & wheat berries, as well as our whole wheat and rye flours used in our Artisan Breads are Organic and Stone Ground.


Our Croissants and Danish pastries are made with a traditional European recipe, hand-folded with real butter, and hand-shaped to perfection; baked in small batches to honor the integrity of the artisan process.


Vegan Coffee Cakes - One of our most popular ones is the Vegan Chocolate Streusel Cake that we make with cherries or pears. And our Vegan Lemon Cake recipe became so well-loved by our customers that it is the only Lemon Cake we offer for vegans and non-vegans alike!


We offer Traditional German Tortes like Black Forest Cherry, German Chocolate, and Bee Sting Cake, and a delicious Apple Strudel just like German grandmas used to make!


Our Vegan and Gluten-Free Cakes and Cupcakes are some of our most-loved by all our customers!

A quick intro to our Bakery



Schnitzel & Bratwurst, German Cakes & Tortes, European Atmosphere


Schnitzel - Made in-house, and offered as a Sandwich or with a Creamy Mushroom Brie Sauce & Fries


Bratwursts - Have yours with Broetchen or as our German Gasthaus combo with Warm Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, & Broetchen. We even have Currywurst!


German Cakes - Have a warm slice of handmade apple strudel with fresh whipped cream, indulge in a slice of Black Forest, German Chocolate, or Bee Sting Cake, or sip your coffee while enjoying one of our popular coffee cake treats like Peach Treat and Streusel Cake. And don’t forget our Tiramisu and everyone’s favorite: our Cheesecake!



Stammtisch Room, Kids’ Play Area, Casual Family Atmosphere


Stammtisch Room - We can seat up to 20 people in a lovely private room. Host your birthday and other celebrations, Red Hat Ladies luncheons, out-of-the-office brainstorm sessions, group study sessions, book club meetings, hails & farewells, etc. at Silke’s!


We can create any customized spread from our menu. Call us today to reserve our room!!


Kids’ Play Area - Families can enjoy a meal while little ones play nearby in our “Kindergarten” (children’s garden) with toys and books we provide so children’s imaginative free play is encouraged.


Casual Family Atmosphere - We welcome nursing moms in the center of our place where they can sit, eat, and nurse their babies. Highchairs are available so the kids can sit at the table and mothers can have their hands free, and we offer a Kid’s Menu that includes fun specialty drinks and delicious kid-sized bites.

Our European Style Pizzas



Vegetarian, Vegan, & Gluten-Free COMBO Options


Clarksville’s largest selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu items for: breakfasts, soups, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, pastries, and breads


Vegetarian - As a vegetarian herself, eating primarily a vegan diet, it has always been important to Silke from the beginning to incorporate many delicious vegetarian and vegan options into the menu.


Vegan - Most of our breads are naturally vegan except for a few of our specialty breads and rolls where butter, eggs, or milk are purposely added. We have a fresh selection of vegan cakes & pastries every day, and a large variety of vegan menu options and vegan meals, so you can eat delicious vegan food with us!


Gluten-free -  Most of our menu items can be made gluten-free due to the fact that we make our gluten-free pizza dough in-house which is available for all our pizzas. We offer gluten-free breads as a substitute to go with all the menu items that are naturally gluten-free. And we offer GLUTEN-FREE CAKES!! Just look for the Gluten-Free indicator on our menu!

Our Soups

"We had the most amazing experience. The food was excellent and unique, and it was so fun to walk down to the bakery after eating in the deli area. However, the best part about this place is the atmosphere. Every single employee was so friendly and welcoming; it was easy to see how much they enjoyed working there. We also ran into some regulars who were German as well, and they gave us some great recommendations for breakfast. This is my new favorite place in Clarksville, and I can't wait to go back."


~Molly Marietta

"Eating at Silke's Old World Breads and Cafe' is always a treat. I enter feeling hungry and leave feeling happy. It isn't offered on the menu, but if you let yourself soak it all in you'll get a free side of happiness with food."


~Stacy Leiser



Healthy + Gourmet, Fresh-To-Go/Dine-In, Delivery Available


Healthy + Gourmet  - You don’t have to settle for the usual fast-food; our menu offers healthy out-of-the-ordinary culinary experiences.  Delicious and healthy lighter lunch options - you don’t have to feel weighed down after your meal.


Fresh-To-Go or Dine-In - Our food is made right in front of you by our wonderful, uplifting staff, and fresh for you! Conveniently located close to Downtown Clarksville, take more time to eat, and less time to drive!


Delivery Available - Order our food and have it delivered to you through Uber Eats or The Bite Squad!


Drinks, Drinks, Drinks



German-style plates, Specialty Drinks, & European Pastries


German-style Plates - We offer beautiful traditional German breakfasts with meats, cheeses, and breads which are great for sharing with a loved one.


Specialty Drinks - many of which are Organic and Fair Trade, and most served hot or cold.


Our Brewed Coffees - We have our very own Silke’s Old World Blend Signature Coffee which is milled for us by Kickin' Coffee to replicate Jacob’s Kaffee. We also serve other specialty coffee blends roasted and milled by Bongo Java in Nashville. And we offer freshly-brewed Jacob’s Kaffee that we import from Germany.


Our Lattes, Cappuccinos, and Teas - Enjoy our variety of specialty Lattes, Espresso-based drinks, and regular, Chai, and herbal teas. Indulging in any of our specialty lattes, served in a gorgeous clear glass mug and topped with special garnishes, is really a treat for all the senses!


European Pastries - Enjoy our heavenly Croissants, Danish, and Coffee Cake that are all made fresh daily for that special morning treat along with your breakfast plate.


"Had an amazing lunch today with my sister and mother.I recently went vegan and was thrilled to see the variety of vegan-friendly goodies! Went with a vegan burger, side salad, and Silke's Old World Blend. Everything tasted absolutely phenomenal! Silke's has a very warming atmosphere and is beautifully decorated. I'd also love to mention how friendly everyone is. Many thanks to the lovely ladies that helped us today! Best customer service I've had in ages! I left more than satisfied and will definitely be coming back often."

~Josh Craig

"Best bread in Clarksville. Nestled in a charming place in old Clarksville, Silke's provides an old world charm with German ancestry. Their baked good range from specialty breads to cakes and muffins. The best cake is the Black Forrest. Or for you German speakers....Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte."


~Joell Tassin Davis

"Silke's is one of the very few restaurants in Clarksville that are truly worth every penny I spend there. Her recipes are fresh and unique while still sticking to her German heritage. The employees at Silke's are always delightful and smiling. The decor is very smartly done- offering local artists a venue in which to sell their work while decking the walls with glorious art of varying styles. But my favorite thing about dining at Silke's is the vast vegetarian menu. I try to eat here as often as I can!"


~Linda Wilson Farris, customer

"Seriously, holy cripes this place is amazing! The service was phenomenal; the cashier even asked if my child wanted free lady fingers! You do not find that service anywhere. Then we went to the deli and had even more remarkable service. Definitely worth the trip from Paducah once a month."


~Christina Pfeiffer

"Silke's is the VERY best German restaurant/Deli/Bakery!! Their food is old world authentic and absolutely tasty!! I am not a vegan by no means of the world but I will tell you that their vegan muffins and whatnot are better than the regular ones! If you go to only one place in town, Silke's should be it!! Their breads and desserts are made fresh daily and on a certain schedule. All you have to do is stop by and pick up a menu and it has the days with types of breads they put out!"


~Melissa Flis

"I ate at Silke's place for the first time this past Thursday, and I was so wonderfully surprised...Food was out of this world, and since I'm orig. from Germany, I purchased enough from the bakery to last me a while, but be assured, I make the hour drive again soon for a return visit....also, the staff is absolutely delightful:"


~Katharina Webb


We believe in giving back to the community and to the planet,

that's why we donate a big portion of all unsold breads to local charities.

We regularly donate our products to charitable organizations and causes.

We are proud to maintain the high standard we set for our products with the coffees we serve

from Bongo Java and Kickin' Coffee, which are organic and fair trade to help the coffee growers to sustainable living.

We believe in organically grown foods and support organic growers with many of the grains and flours we purchase

and vegetables whenever available. We also strive to use environmentally friendly packaging.



Cafe' | 1214 A College St. Clarksville, TN 37040 | 931-552-4422

Open: Monday-Friday 8:30am-6pm

Saturday 7:30am-6:00pm, Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm


Bakery & Deli | 1214 B College St. Clarksville, TN 37040 | 931-552-1311

Open: Monday-Friday 8:30am-2pm

Saturday 7:30am-2:00pm

closed Sunday


Nourishing you on all levels!

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